The Joy of Art: A Creative Guide for Beginning Painters - Serge Clement and Marina Kamena


A unique odyssey through the world of pigments, line drawings, portraits and landscapes, this is part instruction manual and part art history survey. Makes frequent reference to the illustrious masters of art history as you are guided through the intricately detailed pages of this hand-painted, hand-lettered book.


L'Histoire De La Galerie Beaubourg - Pierre Nahon


”Cette peinture ne doit pas être mesurée à l’aune de prestige de la peinture contemporaine. Elle doit être mesurée d’abord à elle-même, au défi qui s’y équilibre entre une maîtrise nostalgique et minutieuse de la peinture, une exigence proprement métaphysique, et à la forme active, corrosive, de neutralisation contemporaine de l’art.

Jean Baudrillard, préface pour le catalogue “Sur quelques peintures de Serge Clément”


 Erotic Drawings - Serge Clement and Marina Kamena


“In a back gallery are the couple most inventive works by far : a group of erotic drawings, done in homage to Hokusai’s “One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji”


Grace Glueck, New York Times, Friday April 21, 2006


"A separate small room at the back of the gallery was devoted to the couple’s erotic drawings, in many ways the most imaginative of their works. In one pencil and colored-pencil work, a naked man plays his huge phallus like a bagpipe, as if he were in a nudist parade: in another a naked woman sits astride an elongated erect penis belonging to a man on a unicycle sitting right behind her. In each of these drawings Cezanne’s familiar Mont Sainte Victoire is rendered discreetly in the background, a touch of restraint in some very libidinous art”


Jonathan Goodman, Art in America, December 2006