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Serge Clement & Marina Kamena


In 1997, Serge Clement, born in France in 1933, and Marina Kamena, born in Yugoslavia in 1945, started writing a book together entitled The Joy of Art. The Joy of Art was published in France by La Martiniere under the title “Le Monde reste a peindre”. In the United States, “The Joy of Art” is published by Harry N. Abrams, NY, 2000.


In 1998, Serge and Marina were commissioned by the film director and artist Charles Matton to paint a series of Rembrandts which played a major role in their decision of working together on further projects. Mr. Matton’s vision was to make a movie in which the paintings of Rembrandt played a central role in the film.


These two experiences reinforced their first episode of common works:  Studiolos, the boxes they achieved between 1996 and 1999, Followed by many more projects including the present Jar Memory.





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